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Disposable cutlery can sometimes look tacky but have you considered bamboo or wooden knife, forks, & spoons.

These chic alternatives are made from bamboo or fine wood. They are biodegradable making it friendly for our environment.

Everyone loves decorating for parties - engagement parties, birthday parties, weddings, kids parties etc. 

These events usually have a colour or theme for example rustic vintage is the rage at the moment. Hessian and natural colours are popular with this vintage feel theme.

Personalising the cutlery is a great way to make a statement and it’s all done DIY, it can also save you a bucket of money. 

Guests will forever be talking about their cutlery used at your party.

Here are a few ideas !

  1. Painting pots are a cheap way to get the exact colour for your event. Hardware stores can match a colour swatch ready to add your special colour to your timber cutlery.
  2. Google “wooden cutlery ideas”, this will give you plenty of ideas on what design you would like for your DIY crafting. 
  3. Stamp Pads - these are great for making personalised sayings or names stamped onto  the handle of the cutler. Ink Pads comes in a variety of colours but darker colours may work better. 
  4. Coloured Ribbon or Twine or Napkin - try a simple bow to each utensil or to a set of utensils or around the utensil holder. Or make a hole in the end to attach a bow. 
  5. Pretty enhancements to a wedding table are also Hessian pockets made of burlap & ribbon. These can be rendered very easily, attached to the cutlery & marked with a name or position card. These also make your guests lovely keepsakes.
  6. Decorating wooden forks can be enjoyable and can be added to every decorating party. Twine or Jute may be tied to Jaks or dessert cups with spoons that look very much like funky & trendy.
  7. Try adding decorative tapes such as Washitape for interesting patterns.


  • Use tape when painting, this helps with clean lines, paint runs and is perfect for multiple colours
  • Use a hole punch or drill to make the holes in the handles

Happing crafting with your own DIY cutlery





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