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         By: Karin Parker

               Essentially For You                                               

Take a look at the photo of a well used plastic pouf. Pretty purple item – attractive to most young ladies as item of choice to suds themselves with. Look closer at the photo and what else can you see? Hundreds of tiny plastic particles that actually shed themselves as the plastic pouf was dropped to the shower floor. EEEK!

Imagine…..take a hot shower, wash and scrub your skin with this, and just what  exactly can be lodged within your open pores? Ever wondered why your skin is itchy or red or even infected after a shower when you supposedly set about scrubbing yourself clean?

Firstly, the pouf is plastic and this promotes bacteria growth in the nooks of the netting.

Secondly, they are stored within the shower’s humid environment for many uses ( can you see just how this one has actually over doubled itself in size from when purchased as new?).

Add to that, after each wash, the pouf is now embedded with your skin particles, dirt, and bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Enterococcus, and more.  Finally with age, the pouf decomposes…..hence those fibres falling everywhere.  So you showered and nicked your legs with a razor whilst showering –  and you wonder why the cuts became infected? Tiny plastic fibres saturated with bacteria are transported into your open pores in the warmth of the shower, then out of the shower into the cool air, and your pores close off. Of course the harmful microbes are trapped inside.

Just ask a Dermatologist if they recommend you to use a plastic pouf. You are going to hear an absolute No every time.

Recycle a plastic pouf? Nope. So it’s off to landfill, where it joins the rest of its plastic tribe to reside for hundreds of years.

Lucky for all of us there is an alternative to the plastic pouf.

Centaur Packaging supplies the Soap Saver Bag, made of strong and lasting natural hemp fibre. Rough enough to clean ingrained dirt, yet gentle enough to exfoliate and buff your skin. Natural hemp is resistant to water damage and to bacteria growth. After each use, give it a quick rinse and hang it freely to dry. Take a look at the pics of  how the Soap Saver Bag hangs freely, with air circulating around it.

The bag is a natural fibre with open weave, and that  means the soap and the bag dry quickly.

A soap saver bag also prolongs the use of your soap bar. If left in your soap holder, that soap is sitting in a cesspool of soap scum and sloshy bacteria laden water.

Finally, when you are finished with your soap saver bag – toss it in the compost! Yes, really! It comes from a plant, so of course it is completely eco-friendly and compostable and cannot harm the environment!

Here’s a few more uses for the soap saver bag:

  • Add in an all natural plant based bar of soap and gift someone with it!
  • Fill with potpourri from nature, drop in your fave essential oils, and hang in the bathroom for a delightful non toxic scent.
  • Collect and dry out those useless bits of soap that nobody want to use anymore. Pop several in the soap saver bag at once and they will soon bond to become one block of soap again!
  • Hang one in your shed – it’s ideal for getting grime off gardening or workmans hands.

Get scrubbing with a soap saver bag. Be healthy. Be environmentally friendly.

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