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175ml Amber Glass Jar
8cm including lid x 65mm round diam
60ml Amber Glass Jar
5.5cm including lid x 50mm round diam
30ml Amber Glass Jar
5cm including lid x 40mm round diam
10gm Amber Pet Jar
10gm x 36mm x including lid 20mm
175ml Amber Glass Jar with Silver Lid
8cm including lid x 60mm round diam
Jam Jar- with Black lid 270ml
270ml 89.3mm (H) 73.1mm (DIA)
Jars & Bottles - centaur packaging

Jars & Bottles

Jars & Bottles

Centaur Packaging are a top Australian supplier, and we wholesale many styles of clear glass jars. We also offer various volume options: 30mL, 40mL, 60mL, 80mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, and 1000mL. We offer the best range of glass jars for the best price and will guarantee your selection of clear aromatherapy glass jars arrive safely without breakages.

Based in NSW just south of Sydney, Wholesale and Afterpay is available.


Can your glass jars and bottles be reused?

Yes, glass jars and bottles are perfect to reuse. Wash in warm soapy water and dry completely.

Can I use the bamboo lid jars in my pantry?

Yes these are ideal to use for your dried good in your pantry. Add a label to make it easy to see the contents.

Do you have a jar for bath salts?

We have a specific bath salt jar with a spoon but you can use any of your jars for bath salts.

Are your clear glass jars suitable for jams?

Yes we have a range of jars suitable for condiments.