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Essentially For You – The Beginnings….

Hello! I’m Karin….I live in a rural coastal town in South Australia, and am the owner and creator of Essentially For You  - All Natural Wellness Support Products for You and Your Home.

Essentially For You began with my own need, and desire, to incorporate natural products easily into my everyday life, particularly with my health issues, and sensitive skin.

I was introduced to essential oils as a teenager, and even purchased my first aromatherapy book way back then…..I always knew this was something I was keenly interested in knowing more about. 

After raising a family, finally we were able to afford my passion for essential oils. I have a unique background in that myself, husband, and each of our 3 children all have rare health disorders. I have spent my adult life researching more natural alternatives to assist us to reach a better state of health…through healthy home cooking, herbal supplements, and attaining several Pharmacy Qualifications including Pharmacy Dispensary Assistant at which I currently still work at.  I am currently studying to ensure I have a solid and ethical foundation on which to build my product line.

I ensure EFY products are formulated using a combination of only pure, natural, and high quality raw ingredients, with considerable research done to ensure optimal health benefits. I love to learn – Life is a journey of growth and change…and it matters to me that I give you the best experience I can with my handmade products.

EFY embodies the increasing awareness of consciousness for the environment, and what we are applying to ourselves, our children, and using in our home in our everyday lives. I am so grateful that I chanced upon Centaur Packaging a few years ago – we share the same values on being eco friendly, and family and service. Their vast product line stimulates my creativity, and their service and support is invaluable to me as a small business.  

I am passionate about creating my handmade products. Essentially For You – Because I Care that everyone has access to affordable, easy to use, natural products. xx


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