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Takeaway or disposable cups are important for the consumer as its not always possible or practical to bring your own mug. This is where using a safe, hygienic, and sustainable cup is the best alternative.

Biocups or cups made from plants are the perfect solution, Using bioplastic for a coffee cup lining and disposable lids saves our valuable fossil fuel resources. It also lowers our CO2 footprint by 75% compaired to conventional plastics used in cheaper cups. 

So what should you look for? 

Coffee Cups come in Single and double wall, generally it depends on the temperature of your coffee. However providing double wall cups will provide better insulation and make the cup more sturdy.

By converting all cups and lids in Australia and New Zealand to PLA or plant base products we could save 4,200 tons of plastic each year.

Our range of environmentally friendly cups are also made from well managed forests using certified raw materials.

Bio Cups can also be printed in your own design, MOQ 50,000 per size

Centaur Packaging covers a wide range of plant based cups for your next perfect Coffee.



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