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Cake stalls and school fetes normally go hand in hand for fundraising. You may be fundraising for school, sporting group or a local community group. Here are some of my tips for running a money making cake stall. Make your stall STAND OUT.

Eye-Catching Packaging

1. Bright colours and beautiful packaged treats. Let's face it, if it looks good we'll want to take it home.

Cellophane Bags

Bamboo Cutlery

Decorative Ribbon

 2. The people who are cooking and donating cakes to the stall are important. If possible let them know what you need .

3. Think about supplying cake boxes, cellophane bags, treat bags, & decorative cupcake papers. This way you have items presented & stored in a perfect take home way.

Imagine not having to wash up & return everyone's Tupperware containers.

4. Ask your cooks to donate items to a certain theme e.g.: Carnival treats such as Rocky road, bags of popcorn, decorated Gingerbread men or cookies.

5. Jars are really inexpensive. Why not buy some bulk lolly's and decorate jars or better still get the kids to decorate and attach a label. I'm sure they will bring mum back to buy their jar and masterpiece.

6. Also offer tags to go with the bags or boxes so the ingredients can be clearly written on the tags and attached to each item, this way they all look the same & are clear for your customers to see.


7. Hygiene is pretty important when it come to these type of stalls. Make sure your cakes are served with disposable gloves and tongs.


8. Other items of use are napkins, basic pulp plates, and cellophane rolls.

Cake trays and paper bags

9. White or Brown paper bags or cake trays for small take home items are handy this way your customers can pick a selection of treats.

Table Presentation

10. Make sure your table has a tablecloth and cakes and treats are presented on cake stands, wooden crates or any way to give your stall height and interest.


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