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Meet the creator... 

I’m a 21 year old mother to a gorgeous baby girl, Florence and partner to an amazing man, Aaron.

What is Kokedama? 

Kokedama is a ancient Japanese garden practice meaning ‘moss ball’.

Koke meaning ‘moss and Dama meaning ‘ball’. 

I have always been interested in not only working for myself but also with my hands because it is so calming, so I began making Kokedama balls after numerous failed attempts of different crafts during my pregnancy and after our daughter was born I continued to work on different projects until I came across it and it has just immersed my life. We constantly have them hanging on the beams in our loungeroom and in the bathroom and bedrooms. 

I started making so many my partner suggested I sold some because I was eager to make some kind of money to help out. So within 2 hours of setting up the page and posting pictures, I had sold 4. From here it just exploded and I have had an overwhelming response. 

Since then, I have experimented with different plants, soils and twines constantly evolving my techniques and knowledge. 

I make my kokes eco friendly and compostable to ensure that if the plant dies then the entire thing can break down into the earth. There is no plant pot for the ball to sit in, just simply a plate, dish or a hanger can be made. The twine creates a bowl for the plant and soil doesn’t escape because of the sphagnum moss covering the lot. 

I have been able to purchase numerous twines from Centaur Packaging, from thick natural twine to their white cotton twine to give different textures to the plants. 

We are in the works of trailing a handwoven twine from a community garden in Sri Lanka, wooden garden tags and using Hempcrete for ceramics.

2020 will have lots of exciting things to come so you can find us on our Instagram at madebymummaa

or orders can be done through email: 

Some products can be purchased from Centaur Packaging like moss and string

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