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Hi I’m Jaidee, a mum, partner, DōTERRA advocate and retail worker.

I was the most skeptic person when it came to essential oils & DIY cleaning, ever!

I trusted that the products we buy were full of ingredients safe for my family, that the ingredients were tested and wouldn’t do damage, boy was I wrong. After doing some research, over half of the synthetic chemicals in products we buy have never been tested for toxicity on the human body - let that sink in.

Anyway, I was given a few oil samples when I had my newborn to help us sleep with ease through the winter - he was a little congested being a c section baby. Within a week I was sold, I purchased a couple bottles of oils to help calm Archie, myself and my new mum emotions. I also got a roller blend hoping it would lighten my migraines, I was completely shocked and didn’t expect the results - I had been on medication for a couple years after suffering with them. To this day, I’m 2+ years medication free!!

I really started to notice changes in my health once I started DIYing cleaning products, and using essential oils. I’m not perfect, I still order a coffee sometimes and forget my keep cup, I have plastic containers along with glass ones, we don’t eat 100% organic but I am so happy with the changes we have made into a low tox life.

When I realised how easy it was and how popular ready made products were, I started to turn my love for essential oils and DIY into a business, The Earthy Essentials was born. 

We are a small business I run by myself from home, I have a 22 month old boy, and another baby due in June, I work part time, my partner works away on a mine site, so life’s a little crazy to say the least.

 I can’t wait to take you all on a journey and give you some inside info on us, The Earthy Essentials.

 I Love using the amazing products that Centaur Packaging has to offer, I love them and cant wait to share some easy peasy DIY recipes for you to try yourself!

 Jaidee xx 

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