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Why Young Living - Jo Bogle

Almost 3 years ago I decided to look into how I could change my home environment into a less toxic one. Let's face it, most things we use on our selves or in our home contain many things that we probably shouldn't be subjecting ourselves too. I decided to make a decision not only that would benefit me, but my whole family. 

Essential oils have been used for years as natural remedies and cleaning purposes, this is something that I am slowly incorporating back into our everyday living. 

So why did I choose Young Living you ask? There were a number of reasons behind this choice. Firstly I love the fact that they have a seed to seal policy. Which basically means they have total control of when the tiny seed is planted, to harvesting the plant to putting the seal on the bottle. They are committed to establish and maintain the ultimate, industry leading standard in Essential oils.

Since joining Young Living I have started making some DIY products at home and my 10 year old daughter just loves to help out. Bath bombs, lip balms, makeup remover wipes, bench cleaners and even a spray Miss 10 uses each morning in her hair to help keep the crawlies away. 

We have recently created a Brand for ourselves with a range of Rollers and Serums. Being asked by a local business if they could sell our products was the icing on the cake. I am lucky enough to have access to all the beautiful Bottles and packaging at Centaur Packaging and has made this journey easy in creating a stunning range. Follow my Instagram account for all the latest releases.

Before  I introduced Essential Oils into my life I would have said to you, that I probably wouldn’t  find a need to use oils daily, oh how wrong I was. It's almost like an addiction but in a fun way. I love finding new recipes to try and DIY products to make. Maybe just one day I'll write my own book. 

I hope that I have created some inspiration among those who have read my story. It really is about choosing a better lifestyle. I am so loving my life right now and cannot wait to start creating more amazing recipes to share with you all.

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