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Palm leaf Wonder!!!

As a wife and mother, my greatest pleasure is to cook for my family and watch them enjoy the meals I serve. Now, while I enjoy the cooking, I can’t say the same about all the cleaning up that comes after. You know what I mean don’t you?  Now there’s something I don’t look forward to. 

This got me thinking about my times in India and the traditions that we followed for centuries.  Back in those days as a tradition Indians used something called “Patravali” which is an Indian plate made with leaves that were stitched together with small sticks and these were used at festivals, weddings or traditional meals. And believe me the food just tasted so much better.  Oh well, maybe it was just the way I felt but it was different and definitely a nice way to enjoy my meals.

Now things have changed, and people started imitating the West and we moved to more modern dinnerware like stone, glass etc. Though a lot of people from villages and smaller towns still use the leaf plates and carry on the traditions.

However, it looks like we have gone a full circle, with people becoming conscious of the environment and the impact of our choices on it.  The world over people are making smarter choices to save our environment for eg. Ban on plastic.

 One such change is the decision to use eco-friendly dinnerware that is made from India’s very own Areca nut palm or betel nut. Which I absolutely love!

This dinnerware is made from the areca nut palms which go through a process of the fallen leaves being collected, washed, heated pressed and cut into different shapes and sizes and moulded into an amazing array of dinnerware.   Which is a great option for eco-friendly people out there or people like me who like to have a party or family gathering but don’t want the stress of the after party clean up.

These are beautiful due to its textures and natural colours, but the bonus is that it is organic and has no chemicals or coatings.  A win-win for everyone!! And of course, I don’t have to clean dishes and the environment is not affected by my choice.

So, the next time there is a party it's out with the plastic and in with the Palm leaf dinnerware. I hope you will make the same choice too.

Enjoy Marie-ann Dcruz

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