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I am Steph and I am the owner of Wilde Blends an aromatherapy goods store where I handmade everything from blends, diffuser blends to balms, scrubs and so much more!

Wilde Blends came from a very humble beginning I started out with $500 from selling a few household items on Facebook Market and the barefoot investor book in my hand. I was full of inspiration to bridge the gap in the market for affordable aromatherapy goods that can support the whole Family. I remember literally printing my shipping labels off at my local library and my labels at my Father in Laws business with two kids in tow - I still laugh about it now.

Being a Mum to my then 21-month-old and 8-month-old girls gave me a huge push into finding better alternatives when things like viruses arose and being told that there is nothing you can do but ride it out, I definitely wasn’t happy with that answer! I was straight away into searching what I needed to start producing my own goods and Centaur Packaging was the first on the list.

I stumbled across Michelle’s business on Google with so many amazing reviews but one thing that stood out to me most was the Family business vibe and the highest quality customer service! From day one, no question asked was ever too much. I struggled at the start as I didn’t think things would take off so quickly, but keeping up with stock was so easy with Centaur Packaging, my orders literally arrived within the next business day allowing me to keep up and not have any customers waiting.

Fast forward to two years in business this April. I studied to become an Aromatherapist after being a Beauty Therapist for 12years and have now just started studying to become a Naturopath too and my little humble Wilde Blends business is nearly a 6-figure business stocked to the brim of my favourite Centaur Packaging products and bottles and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We are just about to hit the ground running with our newest natural and vegan skincare range and can’t wait to see what the future holds! One thing is for sure Centaur Packaging will be coming along for the ride!

Steph – Wilde Blends

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