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Help needed for our beloved South Coast !

#spendwiththem Help rebuild our towns and Businesses affected by fire.

I am writing to you today to ask for your help.  We all know the devastation that has occurred in past months with the catastrophic destruction of fires which still continues.

The Shoalhaven and other affected areas are now faced with a new threat. This threat is real !  The highways were closed and our tourists told to leave, now a down turn in trade reported between

Lets put it simply some small business will not last the summer, some will not last another winter. Others will struggle. Staff will be let go and a lot of those staff would have spent the summer protecting our homes with the Rural Fire Service.

Our staff are emotionally and physically exhausted. Daily we are speaking to our customers who have been affected. There was little time to enjoy Christmas and take a break. Most of the time was spent preparing homes, fighting fires, and time spent in evacuation centres. 

We need you to write your Birthday list for the year and make a purchase from a fire affected community, that will make a huge difference. Make an online purchase, Follow #spendwiththem.

Small Businesses in Australia employ 44% of our workforce.

Take Care and make a purchase.
Graham, Michelle and Team Centaur Loving the South Coast xx

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