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How to host your own Perfume Workshop?


Have you been hosting Wellbeing classes such as Detox your home from chemicals, Natural First aid kit?

 Well it's time to ramp it up and enjoy sharing your oils by hosting a class that is all about

“Create your own Natural Perfume”

Unfortunately as we know most Perfumes are made with Synthetic fragrances. The advantage of making and wearing Essential oils as perfume is that it is supporting us emotionally, Physically with the added bonus of smelling nice. So why not come up with a Class that shares your love of Essential oils? This then opens up a whole new discussion on why making your own Perfume is affordable, and much better for us.

With Direct Marketing business follow up showings or bookings are the key as you get to show your love of your product and share it with a new group of people. So think about how you can offer an incentive to host your next Natural Perfume demonstration.

Maybe you could create a series of Make and takes eg Create your own natural perfumes with Botanicals or Create your own Natural perfume gifts. The list is endless to your imagination. The key is not to give to much overwhelming information. Don't try to teach everything at once.

To start you will need some basic supplies.

Note: You may want to consider everyone sticking to the same oils for your recipe as letting them choose their own could be expensive and wasteful of your precious oils. Or have 3 combinations to select from and name them. Eg Woody tones, Upbeat or Pretty floral Mumma.

Remember to advise your Guests to Patch test. Generally when you are making Essential Oil blends they are always blended with a Carrier oil. However in perfume blends the essential oil content is a little higher and Blended with Witch hazel. Witch Hazel helps the oils disperse. Maybe until the test is done they can spray on their clothing or into the room.

Can Pregnant and Nursing Mothers attend?

Yes however always err on the side of caution. Maybe they can enjoy their perfume as room scents or give as a gift. Instead of applying directly to the skin.

What type of containers are best?

We often talk of Amber Glass bottles being the best for essential oils. But with Perfume you want that touch of luxury, elegance and beauty. We suggest any of our designer bottles with misters for perfume made on Witch Hazel for Oil blends. These Glass bottles are clear but are beautiful for this application.

So go ahead and try some blends and establish what works for you. Creating beautiful essential oil perfumes is fun and super easy. Its also a great way to ditch Chemicals and Show our friends how to use essential oils in a daily way.

Enjoy Michelle x

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