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Centaur packaging has some basic ways to make your next long table dinner party look amazing and fuss free.

Once taking the brief from our clients we set about giving them cost effective ideas and solutions to decorate their country,vintage, long table 40th birthday party. Wanting fuss free, environmentally friendly disposables such as plates, platters, wooden Knifes and forks are a great way to add style to an event with out having to spend countless hours in the kitchen cleaning up while your friends and family are enjoying the evening. 

Incorporating candles to illuminate the table come nightfall was our favorite tip a mix of citronella candles and also tea-lights. Tea-lights were grouped in jars of different shapes and sizes, wrapped in string or twine and then grouped in odd amounts on the table. Some jars were also placed into a brown paper bag for a beautiful mystical country look.

A Country party staged in a natural setting, doesn't demand the lavishness as a party held indoors with fine china and silver, instead decorating can be informal with glass jars, twines, burlap and hessian runners. Using disposable plates in Palm leaf  or bamboo and Platters were a great way to add texture to the table but also meant at the end of the night they simply were disposed off be being placed in the bin, put into a composting bin or placed in the outdoor fire.

The following were a list of items used from Centaur Packaging

  • Palm leaf 10 Inch plate for main meal
  • Bamboo Knife,fork and spoon,
  • Dinner Napkins 
  • Palm leaf platters for cheese and fruit platters
  • Twines and strings
  • Tea-light candles
  • Glass Jars of different shapes and sizes
  • Hessian or burlap runner
  • Garbage bags
  • Cold drinking cups 
  • Hot drinking cups
  • Paper treat bags
  • Large Bamboo boats for deserts 

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