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 love to be creative in the kitchen. Always trying new recipes and new products to cook with.  

Recently I have been having a lot of fun with Baking cups. They are just so easy to use and Miss 5 is generally in the kitchen with me and likes to be involved. Her job is generally to line all the cases up on a tray, oh and lick the spoon.

 The baking cups are just perfect as there is no need to oil them before you spoon in your batter because of the grease proof lining. I find they also eliminate time in the kitchen and mess as you simply just  bake and serve with these little treasures. 

 These days they have a colour and pattern for every occasion, and also come in a range of different sizes.

 My daughter has started school this year so I am assuming the baking at my place is going to get a bit crazy with fundraisers and school fetes, again these baking cups are sturdy enough for little hands to hold and easy to peel for them to eat. 

 Another use for these is to use them as lolly cups for your next lolly buffet or a cute little serving cup for canapés at your your next function.  

 Such a versatile little Baking cup, now what colour will I buy next. 

Thanks Jo

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