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10ml Oslo Roller with Bamboo Lid
7.2cm x Top 3cm x Base 2.2cm
10ml Amber Glass Bottle with Bamboo Dropper - Black
8cm to the top of the bulb x 2.4cm round diam x 10ml
Aromatherapy Bamboo new - centaur packaging

Aromatherapy Bamboo new

Aromatherapy Bamboo new

When using our Bamboo Misters, Bamboo Droppers, or our Jars you will have a lux look that everyone will admire. Just because you make your own doesn't mean you don't need beautiful packaging. Bamboo packaging is for you if you love beautiful things. 

Bamboo products for aromatherapy are fashionable and durable. They have an eco-friendly appearance. Look no further if you're looking for glass bottles with bamboo.


Is Bamboo eco Friendly in Packaging?

Absolutely, Bamboo is a great sustainable material. It grows super fast and plentiful. Making it a great material for packaging and essential oil bamboo bottles.

Will oils affect my Bamboo bottles?

No, it won't affect the bamboo, however it can affect the glue that holds the plastic molding to the bamboo. If affected clean and dry apply a small amount of glue to the two pieces and you are right to go again.

Why are Clear bamboo bottles so popular?

Trends come and go however the clear bottles with bamboo are super popular as they look clean and Crisp. Teamed up with a white label they look super stylish.

Where is the best place to buy wholesale bamboo bottles in Australia.

When buying wholesale bamboo bottles in Australia, always choose Centaur Packaging. Family run business for over 23years. We know quality and stand by our products.

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