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Why making your own deodorant could save your life?

Making your own diy natural deodorant is a perfect way to reduce your chemical intake.

But it is way more than that! And this could save your life! Sound dramatic?

Well I have found it the perfect way to stay in touch with my armpits and breasts. Sounds odd? Well I can tell you from a personal perspective for years I have sprayed on my Deodorant every morning and night, not giving a single thought to the lumps and bumps going on  in that region.
Every now and then doing a breast check. But NOW every morning that I apply my homemade chemical free deodorant paste, I am massaging and feeling what's going on around many important lymph nodes. I am not a naturopath or a medical practitioner. I am a Mother, woman in her 40’s that runs her family's small business. But hands down I can say its made me very aware. I can tell what’s going on and exactly what has changed in that area day to day. I totally believe that using this deodorant or a deodorant paste could help with early detection of lumps and lightly massaging the paste in each morning helps.

Not only is it super easy to make, you will be doing yourself a huge favour. Although, there’s no solid evidence that aluminium-based antiperspirants or store purchased deodorants lead to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, there certainly is a lot of correlations, have you ever read the ingredient list? Wow yuck!
So try my super easy recipe I guarantee there will be no going back.

So do we really need to use a anti-perspirant? The simple answer is no, we are designed to sweat in fact it helps detox the body. Antiperspirants are basically designed to stop us sweating.

Will I smell? If you eat clean food and drink plenty of water you will not normally smell. In fact I think using commercial deodorants I smelt more than using the natural diy one.

Do I need to detox my underarms? I didn’t, however I had tried approx 6 different combos before this one. I had mixed results to say the least, red blotches, gritty paste the list goes on. I kept going back to my store purchased chemical based deodorant till I made one important change. That was adding bentonite clay and an organic arrowroot powder.

Why is adding bentonite clay and Organic arrowroot starch was the answer?  Centaur Packaging's Bentonite clay is mined here in Australia it is a totally natural clay has amazing detox benefits, however it makes the paste a beautiful creamy and soft texture with great health benefits. Originally I was purchasing my Arrowroot flour or starch from the supermarket until I realized that some of these flours have Aluminium in them! YES the whole reason that l was moving away from commercial deodorant. Arrowroot Starch is available from Centaur packaging which is also Vegan.

What  Essential oils do you use?

I normally use Tea Tree, Patchouli oil, and a ladies blend such as Whisper from doTerra or Lady Sclareol from Young living.

Happy Living



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