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Making your own DIY Throat Spray.

As we enter the cooler months of winter, at times we can develop a sore throat or mouth ulcers. Centaur Packaging has a convenient 10ml Clear PET throat spray bottle for making up your own Homemade remedies. To beat the winter blues.

Not only is it perfect for healing sore throats. DIY mixtures can be made for breath fresheners and other areas where this angled spray may be convenient. This little bottle holds 10ml conveniently for handbags, school cases and home first aid kits.

Plastic Cap is removable and the throat tube is adjustable to give a wide mist of product delivered right to the back of the throat.

Perfect for School bags as it is not breakable, and easy to use for small children. Please use all DIY recipes with Caution and respect. Not all Essential oils are created equal so please make sure that your essential oils are Therapeutic quality.

Using the DIY products or recipes for your family and in my opinion, are safer than the majority of the products we find on supermarket or chemist shelves. However, I am not a medical professional so be sure to do your own research when sourcing ingredients and before using on your children. Patch testing or seeking advice is also helpful if you are doubtful. Always be cautious when using essential oils, especially on small children.

  • PET Clear 10ml Bottle Adjustable throat spray

  • Reusable and Recyclable

  • Perfect for Essential oils



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