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Reducing Waste for the Environment 

I have always been what my husband likes to call a hoarder. I love keeping sentimental things & mementos from trips & special times in our lives so in a way I have always been reusing things without realizing the importance of it.
Since being better educated on how important it is for the environment to reduce waste. I have found a new love for finding beautiful bottles & jars to keep bits & pieces in. Pantry items, baby wipes the lot all get stored in glass Jars.
My other favorite eco item is having reusable straws & travel mugs all while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time is definitely a win for me.
Making handmade low tox creams, lotions, lip balms & diffuser combos all in pretty jars also makes my heart so happy. I  am definitely obsessed with all of the bamboo tops & frosted glass available at Centaur Packaging, making it easy to keep things looking pretty & reducing waste at the same time it's a win.
Rashenda x

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