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Winter Bath Boost 

There is nothing I love better than a hot bath during winter or when I can feel myself starting to get run down.
Our natural bath salts such as Epsom, Dead Sea salt, Magnesium flakes or even Pink Salts (fine or coarse) are all sourced straight from mother earth.
If you want that ultimate immunity boost, add in the Bentonite clay, which is harvested in Australia. Magnesium & Bentonite clay are both also great for gut health.
Soaking in a bath provides mineral-rich benefits that will help you to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.
While adding flowers to your bath salts is lux and looks beautiful, I do find sitting on rose petals a bit annoying. If you want to add them in, I would suggest our hemp tea bags which are perfect for adding in flowers to then steeping them like a cup of tea in the bath.
My ultimate bath is 
2 tbsp Chamomile Flowers (optional)
5-10 drops of your choice of Essential Oil (optional)

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