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Make Your Hand and Body Lotion Go further

I love to get creative and experiment with my products. I had recently been seeing a lot of different ways of hacking my Lavender Hand and Body lotion by Young Living. When I say “ hacking”  I mean extending the product to make it go further and last longer. 

I also like to reuse or repurpose packaging where I can so for this DIY I have reused a 50ml Glass Amber Bottle from Young Living's New Bloom Collagen. The white Pump I have used is from Centaur Packaging which also comes in Black and a Mister option for those wanting to make sprays. 

Sleepy Loose Leaf  Tea is also  a product I purchased from Centaur Packaging and is available in many different flavours as well. This natural Blend is both calming and unwinding, a perfect addition to my Hand and Body Moisturiser. Some of the key ingredients are Chamomile, Spearmint, Rose Petals, Lemongrass and Blue Cornflower just to name a few. 

To make this beautifully fragrant and moisturising lotion I first made myself a cup of tea. Yep that's right, a Hot cup of tea. I heaped a tablespoon of the tea into a hemp disposable tea bag, also From Centaur Packaging, Gee I love this store. Let the brew steep for about 3 minutes and pour a small amount of the tea liquid ( I used 25mls as I am using a 50/50 ratio in a 50ml Bottle) Make sense? Let the liquid cool and then top up the bottle with Young Living’s Lavender Hand and Body Lotion. I then added one of my favourite Essential Oils StressAway by Young Living. Just 5 drops was plenty. Place the pump on and make sure it is done up tightly and give it a good shake. 

I also like to get fancy with my labels on my products, so luckily enough I have all the necessary items to create these with my little home business Essential Labels By Jo 

End result is a beautiful moisturiser that leaves no residue and your hands and body feeling amazing.

Enjoy Jo

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