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I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 years since my eyes were opened to the world of low tox & the magic of essential oils 

My husband & I were trying for a baby & my emotions were running high & a close friend of mine gifted me a bottle of stress away from Young Living & it changed my life & so began my low tox & oily journey. 

Soon after I fell pregnant with my little princess & I am so grateful her whole life has been created around a low tox environment. 

I can't believe how many years I was spraying perfume on my neck right near my thyroid which is responsible for so many bodily functions & development. I was completely unaware of all the things it was absorbing. 

Have you done the weed test? Go & spray some perfume in a weed & come back & see how unhappy it is 24 hour later! You will be shocked.

I am so grateful that I was introduced to low tox living & am now able to support mine & my family’s health & wellness. 

So, no this doesn’t mean i have to miss out on perfume oh no.

One of my favourite ways to use essential oils is to make my own perfume rollers, (just be aware not all essential oils are made equally & some that are on the market are no better than perfume, I only recommend young living)

There are endless incredible perfume blends you can make & not only do they smell amazing but they support me in so many other ways too. 

But what else is super exciting is making them, beautiful roller bottles! and Perfume bottles my favourite bottles are from Centaur Packaging.

I love adding dried botanicals too, they give it a little extra luxe vibe, like Jasmine Flowers from Centaur Packaging are a current fave!


Forever Grateful my yes to low tox

Rashenda x

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