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Hi, I’m Jess

When I Started Liam Blends, I could never imagine it would grow to what it has.

Starting simply because I wanted to help other Mums who might be in a similar situation to myself. Sleep Deprived, in need of just something to help my child sleep & for me to feel like me again.

My journey with essential oils all started to help our son, Liam (hence the name) get to sleep at night. The last thing you want to do as a parent especially when you child is so young is medicate them unnecessarily, to us that was the absolute last resort. So, we opted to try essential oils & my goodness after only one night we were amazed, the time it took to get Liam to sleep halved. We felt like “New” again.

After having a few friends try my oil blends that I made for my own family I decided to share my creations further and there born was Liam Blends, a business inspired by nature to help others.

Not doing things by halves I didn’t want to stop at just my oil blends, I wanted to offer Mum’s a one-stop shop of Eco-friendly products & overall a Nature’s Wonderland of Sensory Play & Natural lifestyle needs.

When I plan my marketing and Instagram etc I don’t see it as selling people one product that they must have, I see it as showing them a completely new way of life, I’m promoting a lifestyle change. One by One we can make a difference together.

Centaur Packaging very quickly became one of my main suppliers for all our bottling & jar needs. Offering an aesthetically pleasing and affordable range. Rollers, Droppers, Spray bottles, Bamboo Lid Jars, you name it they all came from this beautiful business.

My proudest creations using Centaur Packaging Bottles & Tin Containers include:

  • Our many Natural Perfume Blends, made completely Fragrance Oil Free using Centaur Packaging’s extensive range of Roller bottles.
  • Going Gold with our own Natural Play Dough range, contained in the gorgeous Gold Aluminium Tins.
  • A Vegan Friendly Chamomile Natural Baby Balm Contained in the Beautiful Bamboo Lid Glass Jars.
  • Our Whole range of Naturally tinted pot set lip balms plus many more balms bottled into the small 15ml Bamboo Lid Jars, becoming a signature look at Liam Blends.

The future looks so bright for my little business to continue to flourish in 2022 with Centaur Packaging’s assistance to keep delivering the goods with beautiful aromatherapy bottles & jars. I sure couldn’t have made it this far without the help of lovely small businesses like Centaur Packaging joining us on this ever-changing journey.

Jess – Liam Blends

Liam Blends

Nature Eco Store (@liam.blends) • Instagram photos and videos


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