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Trying to find that perfect recipe for bath bombs has been a bit tricky. Do you know that humidity plays a big part in how they turn out. Too much humidity can cause these little balls of love to crack or even fizz a little.  So finding that balance of a great recipe and the right temperature helps eliminate those odd shapes and crumbles messes. They are still perfectly fine to use they just don’t look so pretty. My fails normally end up as toilet fizzies or sprinkled on the bottom of the shower so there is no waste.  

I have recently found a new way of making these and it gives me more control over the consistency of my mixture. 

By adding all your oils, colours and water into a small bottle with a mixture gives you perfect control.  



- 2 cups Bicarbonate Soda

- 1 cup Citric Acid

- 2 tsp Fractionated Coconut Oil 

- 20 drops of Essential Oil (I used 10 drops of Joy and 10 drops of Geranium both these oils are from Young Living )

- 20 drops of water 

- 5 drops of non toxic food colouring (Fuchsia was used this time)  


In a medium size mixing bowl add your dry ingredients. Use your fingers to break up any clumps. Mix well. 

In a small bottle with a mister add all your liquids and shake well. Lightly mist your dry ingredients while you continuously mix. Do a test by squeezing a small handful of the mixture. If it still crumbles then keep misting and test again. The mixture is ready when it resembles wet sand and when you squeeze it in you hand it holds shape.

Tips & Tricks:

If this still does not hold shape add a few more drops of water to your mister. 

I have used the two piece bath bomb mould from Centaur Packaging which comes in three sizes.  

If you are adding any botanicals to your bath bomb, add a small amount into one of the moulds. Begin to fill  the mould pressing the mixture in quiet firmly. Slightly over fill the mould and repeat with the other side. Press the two sides together and twist gently to remove any excess mixture. 

Gently tap the mould on both sides and carefully take the mould off and put on a towel lined with paper towel to dry.  

Leave them for 24 - 48 hrs to dry completely. Put in an air tight container as they will fizz better.  

All the ingredients can be purchased from Centaur Packaging  

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Sarah Li-Chiang said:

Lovely recipe for bath bombs. The fragrance is beautiful. I didnt know you did blogs. So keep em coming please. Thanks for sharing. Sarah x

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