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How do I dispose of Bamboo or Palm Leaf plates or bowls?

Bioplates can be composed at home, if you don't have a home composting system you can simply wet them, break them up and bury. They will naturally break down with mother nature in 6-8 weeks. They will provide the earth with nutrients and love. They can also be added directly to the garden.

What makes palm leaf plates so friendly to the environment?

The process to make these disposable plates is very natural, also the fact that the leaf is naturally shed. No chemicals, Not artificially produced and no toxins.

How are these leaf plates Made?

The Process is quite simple;

  1. Mother Nature drops the palm leaves and seed pod.
  2. The outer leaf is collected and washed thoroughly.
  3. The leaves are heated and pressed into shape.
  4. The Plates are cut, trimmed and sanded around the edges.
What are the palm leaf plates made from?

Palm Leaf plates are made by mother nature from the naturally fallen Areca Palm tree leaves found in India. The leaf or Sheath is collected for the tableware.

Can these plates be reused or are they disposable?

Even though these plates are very durable they are intended for single use. The bamboo or palm leaf has no Chemicals, Lacquers or Bonding agents on them and this biodegradable plate is natural and porous, So legally we cannot recommend washing and reusing. However we can tell you our customers have often told us of ways they re use.

What are the dark spots or marks?

Leaf plates are natural so foliage naturally is darker and lighter, Colour will also appear on the plate from the rain and depending on how long it has been on the ground. Each plate is unique in texture, colour, pattern and beauty because we don't alter the leaves in anyway.

Do I need to wash the plates or bowls before use?

Not at all; they are ready to use, no chemicals means they are sterilized and clean ready for use.

Do palm leaf plates hold liquid?

Yes, They are perfect for soup, Paella, Curries, Desserts and Ice cream. Indian people have used these plates for thousands of years and are very durable.

Is it safe to use wooden Leaf plates and Bowls in the oven, fridge, freezer or Microwave?

Yes to all of the above, Microwave up to 2min and for the oven, up to 180 degrees for 45mins please have them at least 6" inches away from the heat source. Perfect for deserts as pre prepared items can be frozen or refrigerated.

Does the wood, leave flavour the food?

No not at all, they don't alter the taste at all, no chemicals, no nasties, no BPA, no PLA, Completely non toxic.

Would I use bio plates made from Palm Leaf?

Defiantly, they are the perfect disposable plate and yes we use them at all our functions, BBQs, Birthdays, Catering and other occasions. They are extremely popular for weddings and wedding breakfasts the following day.

We are also focused on cost effective functional and environmentally responsible products.

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