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For years I have struggled with dry skin conditions & have been what I thought was "educated" on the products I was using “sensitive skin” products.

Organic, natural fragrance little did I know that was all nonsense & I was totally uneducated. The products I was using contained nasties that were actually bad for my skin & my overall health. I am so grateful I have been educated & now take care of my skin & my health & my family in the best way I can naturally! 

One of my absolute favourite skin care products is actually one I make myself which blows my mind! 

DIY whipped body butter 

organic shea butter 

cold pressed coconut oil ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

•your choice of essential oils 

(I only recommend Young Living essential oils not all essential oils are created equally so please do your research)

I use around 70%-30% shea to coconut ratio as it makes it a really nice consistency, I just measure by eye usually not accurate measurements.

Soften the ingredients in a double boiler but not too soft or it takes too long to whip then whip whip whip whip whip with electric mixer

Organic shea butter & super cute jars in Clear or Amber glass are available from Centaur Packaging. Use yourself or gift to Friends and Family.  Super cheap, Super easy and no chemicals!

I use the same recipe to make tox free chest rubs & a baby balm & so many things it’s the best feeling being able to support my family in a natural way with the help from a few simple natural products. 

More exciting tox free DIY recipes over at my health & wellness account @ourlittlerose

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