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Just over 3 years ago I was that mum who was pulling my hair out, not getting enough sleep, feeling at the end of my rope... with almost everything!


A friend gave us a small bottle of Digestzen essential oil and it was the sweetest relief I could possible give my baby girl. The first time we used it on her she slept for over 3 hours in a row... It felt like a miracle and I felt so empowered to have something natural that actually worked.

I knew I had found the tools I would use to not only improve the health of our family but to really and truly clean up our home, Doterra essential oils were really a gift to us. In fact removing toxins from our home had always been a dream of mine but I just couldn’t figure out how to do that (especially with the huge amount of ‘green washing’ companies do).
I have always loved high quality, well sourced products. I look for companies who value where their products come from, the quality of them, as well as supporting other businesses. When I met Michelle from Centuar Packaging I knew that I had found a company I would adore partnering with to help me continue my important work of removing the toxic loads on our bodies and in our home.

From awesome ingredients to beautiful packaging, I really love everything they stock. Fast forward a few years and our lives have only gotten better and better. You won’t find me at the end of my rope anymore, instead I can show up as my best for myself and my family. I feel empowered to have answers at my fingertips and best of all I know that what I am using is truly pure with no green washing in sight.

Now I share with others how to remove toxins from their home, empower themselves as parents and show up as the best version of themselves as they dive into moving to a more natural Life style.

Carlene Muilwyk
Owner Pure Drop Oils






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