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Bamboo Roller Bottles - centaur packaging

Bamboo Roller Bottles

Bamboo Roller Bottles

You need look no further than Centaur Packaging if you are seeking for Bamboo roller bottles. Due of the eco-friendly vibe they give off, glass bamboo rollers are popular. They provide enduring pleasure and are strong and durable.

Though they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, our glass bottles with bamboo lids will undoubtedly become a staple in your essential oil bamboo collection.


Are bamboo roller bottles better for the environment?

Yes we think so essential oil roller bottles often have plastic lids, eliminating any amount of plastic is a great thing. Unfortunately to get a perfect seal we do need to use a plastic lining inside the cap so the roller bottle can not leak.

Where is the Cheapest Place to buy Wholesale Bamboo Roller bottles?

Centaur packaging has a bulk buy discount structure this way you can be assured you are always buying bamboo roller bottles at a wholesale price. Please reach out if you are wanting a price on a bigger quantity than our listed discounts.

Can I paint my essential oil roller bottle lid made of bamboo?

Yes you totally can, you may need to experiment with the type of paint or ink used. I would strongly advise that a clear coat of varnish was applied over the bamboo to seal afterwards.

Do Bamboo roller Bottles last longer than normal rollers?

The Glass bottle of the roller bottle and the baring are very similar and these would last the same amount of time. The bamboo component is the lid and would also likely last the same amount of time as a plastic or metal lidded roller bottle.