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Paper and cardboard can be recycled and used again in other paper products. The more we recycle paper and cardboard, the less we need to use natural resources like fibre from trees to manufacture new products. It also uses less energy and water in manufacturing. Paper contaminated with grease or oil from food cannot be recycled.

Organic Waste

Some local councils collect organic waste from your home and turn it into compost. Composting helps keep organic waste out of landfill where it rots and generates methane, a greenhouse gas that is particularly damaging to the environment.


Plastic & Metal

Always put items into your recycling bin loose, not in a plastic bag. Everything inside a plastic bag will be sent to landfill. Plastic bag can also tangle up the machinery used to sort the recycling materials

Flatten boxes but don't bundle items together

Roll aluminium foil into a ball and place in a recycling bin, even if it has food stuck on it

Black plastic items don't gat recycled as they are not able to be identified by automatic sorting equipment used at most recycling facilities

At most material recovery facilities, any plastic item less than 5cm in diameter will be screened out and diverted to landfill.

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