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How to make Chocolate Spoons 

Making Chocolate Cups for Hot Chocolate are easy and fun to do. A great kids activity to do with mum on a rainy Sunday. I decided to have a play around with our 4oz Biocups which are disposable, normally one would use these for expresso's, but me being the ultimate lover of chocolate I decided to use the cups as my mould for my Chocolate Spoons. Also our quality disposable wooden spoon were just perfect for this giving you an Eco friendly option. Great for takeaway meals, catering, school and uni canteens. and packaged up make great little gifts or that perfect fete idea.

These Chocolate cups are super easy to make and the combinations and flavours are endless.

I have a milk frother so I heated my milk this way, you could also use the stove top or microwave. Pour your Hot milk into your favorite mug and using your chocolate spoon, stir until dissolved.

Enjoy Your REAL Hot Chocolate.
Jo xx

The packaging used for my spoons are the Treat Bags with card bases. They are thicker than cellophane making them perfect for food packaging.These bags are heat sealable resulting in a very high seal strength. The cute little Handmade tags and ribbons are also among the variety of treasure's you can find at Centaur Packaging.

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