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Choosing the right skewer can be a simple choice or a complex decision. With so many options available we will try to give a breakdown of what they are used for and some addition product information

The Bamboo Oar Skewer is the original and eco-chic catering pieces! Bring style to your cocktails and appetizers, finger food serves and antipasto picks. Great for cheese platters too.

Perfect for adding a finishing touch to cocktails and will make any food look especially tasty and attractive. Made from bamboo, a renewable sustainable material. Sizes start from the 90mm which is great for using as a pick up skewer on the side of an entrée plate, 120mm and 180mm are commonly used for holding burgers and club sandwiches. 180mm is commonly used for Kebabs, fruit kebabs and chicken.

The Looped Bamboo Skewer is basically the same however this cute bamboo skewer has a knot at the end known as a looped skewer.

The Ring Bamboo Skewer is also used for catering but most commonly used to anchor food and the ring also acts as a holder of a tag to name and display food. This can add that professional catering look to a home party or function. Simply handwrite or print on a tag and insert into the ring. Anchor by inserting skewer into the food. Great for Identifying- Nut free, Gluten free and vegetarian options.

The Premium Bamboo Skewer This skewer is a larger box normally 250 pc rather than the normal 100 pc these skewers are boxed, which is great for storage and long term use as you can easily use what is required and put the rest away until your next function.  This skewer is recommended for food cooking, even though all skewers are food safe, this skewer can even be placed into the deep fryer.

Feel good about using these products, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.



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