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Belle Glass Diffuser with Reeds

Making your own reed diffuser using Essential Oils is a cheaper and safer alternative to use in your home or office space. Customise your own fragrances with your favorite oils. So many options available. 

 Today I am going to use my Belle Reed Diffuser from Centaur Packaging. I love this diffuser as it's a nice heavy one with a large flat base. This means I can add extra things to my diffuser like dried botanicals. I like to add a spray of baby's breath. Gives it a bit of a Boho feel which seems to be all the fashion at the moment. 

 These types of diffusers best work in smaller areas or bathrooms and laundries. 

So what's in the recipe

 Not only will you need a narrow neck jar you will also need reeds. Reeds are the main item you will need to diffuse your oils. These need to stick up at least two inches from your glass jar to work effectively. 

Essential Oils: I normally use 20-30 drops for this size diffuser. 

  In this case I used 20 Drops of Lime Essential Oil

                                5  Drops of Citrus Fresh Essential Oil

                                5 Drops of Cedarwood

Then I added 20mls of Witch Hazel and 125mls Fractionated Coconut Oil. Give it a little mix to add some florals if you want to add a little colour to your diffuser then insert your reeds.

 Reeds need to be flipped every few days to a week to refresh the scent. 


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