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                                                In The Kitchen with Jo.

I have fond memories of baking paper and grease proof paper as a child.  From using it for my homework and assignments for tracing images, to mum wrapping my jam sambo’s for lunch. I would confidently say that nearly every household in Australia has had a roll or two of these universal papers.

 What’s the difference?  Well one has a wax coating and the other has a silicone coating.

 Let’s start with the baking paper and its uses.

BAKING PAPER: It is silicone coated on both sides and is heat resisitance up to to 230oC, which allows a multitude of cooking uses. It can also be used in both microwave and conventional ovens.

 Some suggestions for use:

* line sandwich makers, frying pans or cake tins to minimise clean up time.

* Store cold meats and cheeses as it maintains the flavour and increases the preservation time.

* Great to place in between cuts of meat or pastry before freezing.

* Create parcels to cook meals in to help preserve moisture and flavour.

* Perfect for cake trays, disposable pipping bags and for rolling out dough.

Here at Centaur Packaging we have a few different sizes and ways to purchase this. From our 405 x 710mm pre cut baking sheets, perfect for those big trays to the 120m rolls available in two widths 30cm x 120m and 40 x 120m.


GREASE PROOF PAPER: This paper has a wax coating, creating a barrier.

Some suggestions for use:

* Great for using with uncooked pastry.

* You can use this to line your cake tins but just remember to grease after lining the pan for those cakes that may be  low in fat.

* line baskets or plates for fried food.

* Wrap up your sandwich or burgers also.

This paper comes in 4 sizes and a variation of prints and colours.

Full size - 400mm x 660mm sheets

Half size - 400mm x 330 sheets

Quarter size - 200mm x 300mm sheets

Third size - 400 x 220mm sheets


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