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Australian made our cellophane bags

Over the years we have written many blogs or posts on cellophane, however we still have many questions asked daily. The reason for the confusion is a lot of retailers, on sellers & general public often refer to a product as cellophane when it simply isn’t. Plastic bags are often sold as Cellophane bags and this is Myth number 1. 

So I would like to clear up some simple facts & myths surrounding cellophane bags. Our cellophane bags are popular for food as they are,

  • BPA free 
  • Australian made 
  • High quality food grade cellophane 
  • Anti-static film 
  • Biodegradable base film
  • Heat sealable on both sides 
  • Excellent barrier to water vapour, gases & Aromatics 
  • Resistant to oils & greases
  • Both sides of film are equally receptive to inks, adhesives & tear tapes 
  • While cellophane is clear it can often look Yellowish. Cello-bags sound crunchy & can have a crumpled look
  • Cellophane clear bags are made up of 3 layers PVDC barrier coating, regenerated cellulose & another layer of the PVDC barrier 
  • Production bags can be made to order

So how can you tell if it is cellophane or just a regular plastic bag?

Because cellophane is made from cellulose a plant base product you can conduct an experiment in a controlled environment. This involves setting the cellophane alight, it will burn like paper leaving ash. Plastic however will shrink & and burn differently.

It will also not look totally clear.

What is the difference between true cellophane (cellulose) and BOPP?

Cellophane is a great choice when it comes to an environmental solution however it isn’t always the best packaging solution for everyone or everything.
Ever wondered when you walk into a fresh food market and the nuts & dried fruit are in a bag that is very clear, thick and robust. This bag is often BOPP it is thicker & more ridged than cello, this makes it harder for the air to pass through giving food product a longer shelf life. Basically orientated polypropylene bag. However Bopp is Plastic and is not Cellophane.

If you are looking for bags that food can be sold in? reach out to a trusted business like Centaur Packaging that has been selling Cellophane bags for over 24years for the honest truth. 

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