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The list provides tips for safely washing and maintaining glassware in dishwashers.

  • To avoid breakage during the wash cycle, place glasses so that
  • Always put the glasses in the upper compartment of the
  • Stemmed glasses shouldn’t be placed in the corners in order to
    let the washing liquid reach all items

  • To keep the shininess of your glasses respect the washing
    programs, the amount of detergents, and the temperature and
    check the mildness of the water. Rather choose a short and low
    temperature program.
  • Always use a non-abrasive
     Keep the dishwashers filter, helix and pipes clean
     Always wash new glasses before use
     Rinse glass as soon as possible after use
     Use a towel to dry your glasses but do not use any softener or
    strengthened to wash your towels.
     Let the glasses cool down before polishing them and use a
    cotton glass polishing towel.
     Glasses, in particular wine glasses, should be placed foot down
    otherwise they could take some smells and so alter wine
     When using ice to make a drink, always use an ice scoop, never
    scoop the ice with a glass
     Never stack non-stackable glasses
     Avoid handling glasses in clusters
     Avoid twisting the base and the bowl in opposite directions
    whilst drying