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Cellophane, or Polypropylene, Bags

Cellophane, or polypropylene, bags are natural in colour. Suitable for foods such as:

  • fudge
  • cookies
  • chocolates
  • craft projects
  • tie with a bow or ribbon for a professional look
  • seal with a heat sealing machine.

Cellophane Bags are available for purchase in sleeves of 100 or boxes of 1000.

Wholesale pricing available on bulk purchases, contact us for your bulk purchasing requirements.

Our clear cello bags are BPA Free and are eco-friendly food grade plasticc, cellulose or cellophane clear plastic cello bags are available in a a range of sizes. Select from a wide variety of sizes of bags.

Cello Bags are also available in clear BOPP.

(See information section to see if this material would benefit you)

Cellophane Bags come in sizes to suit a wide range of occasions.

  • Cellophane bags for bonbonniere
  • Cello bags for party favours
  • Cello bags for pot pori
  • Cellophane bags for wedding cake
  • Treat bags
  • Cello bags for christening cake
  • Great for cookies
  • Cello bags for christmas pudding
  • Cellophane bags or BOPP bags for chocolates
  • Cellophane bags for confectionary packaging
  • Gift packaging needs.

Do you require a custom size or logo printing, ask us for a quote.

Centaur Packaging provides these bags Australia Wide.

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Cellophane Bag Size Chart
Product Size Colour Carton
P2 115mm(high) x 65mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P4 145mm(high) x 75mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P5 255mm(high) x 75mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P6 165mm(high) x 90mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P8 180mm(high) x 100mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P9 180mm(high) x 125mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P10 190mm(high) x 115mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P11 250mm(high) x 120mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P12 205mm(high) x 135mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P14 215mm(high) x 150mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P15 205mm(high) x 165mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P16 235mm(high) x 165mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P18 255mm(high) x 180mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P19 180mm(high) x 90mm(wide) + 25mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P20 150mm(high) x 100mm(wide) + 50mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P22 180mm(high) x 100mm(wide) + 50mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P23 205mm(high) x 100mm(wide) + 50mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P24 230mm(high) x 100mm(wide) + 50mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P25 260mm(high) x 100mm(wide) + 50mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P26 290mm(high) x 100mm(wide) + 50mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P28 280mm(high) x 125mm(wide) + 50mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P29 280mm(high) x 120mm(wide) + 75mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P30 260mm(high) x 55mm(wide) + 30mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P36 280mm(high) x 205mm(wide) + 0mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P38 230mm(high) x 150mm(wide) + 50mm(gusset) Natural 1000
P42 300mm(high) x 150mm(wide) + 50mm(gusset) Natural 1000

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