200ml Trigger Head – Centaur Packaging

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Is your 200ml Mister trigger leaking? 

We have some handy tips to get it sorted.

  •  Trim the tube on the trigger so that it sits just off the bottom of the bottle.

  •  Screw the trigger onto the bottle and when you think its tight enough, give it an extra turn to secure the trigger on the throat and stop any leakages.

Alot of our customers get caught out thinking that the trigger is down as far as it goes and find that the bottle is leaking - lossing alot of your contents on your hand and over the floor :( 

We have supplied some photos below to help you.



Trigger Head NOT screwed all the way down                Trigger head screwed ALL the way down

You can see some of the thread still visible.                 Very little of the thread is visible now. 



Here is an additional video for trimming your wicks.

Trimming your wicks/tubes


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