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Hinged Lid Containers - centaur packaging

Hinged Lid Containers

Hinged Lid Containers

If you don't have the correct supplies, storing or transporting food for a takeaway, cafe, or catering business might be challenging. For you, Centaur Packaging keeps a selection of reasonably priced necessities.

You'll never have to search for a lid again if you use a hinged lidded container for hot or cold meals.


Can I put my plastic containers in the recycle bin?

It is always best to check the material type before contaminating your recycling. Most of Centaur Packaging's range will stipulate the disposal method.

What can I use to put a takeaway meal in?

Centaur Packaging does have a range of takeaway containers for the hospitality market. We stock Sugarcane pulp, corrugated board, recyclable materials and more.

How can I store my small Craft items?

Button, pins, little trinkets, and other small craft supplies can be placed in our small hinged covered containers, like the sauce cup 75, which are practical for storage

Can you microwave the pulp containers that come with takeout?

Yes Bagasse, Sugarcane pulp or Bamboo pulp can go in the microwave for small burst to reheat your takeaway.