Cupcake Papers & Wrappers


Beautiful cupcake wrappers for that perfect look.

A beautiful cupcake needs a beautiful wrapper, and Centaur Packaging have the cupcake wrapper range to add the perfect finishing touch to your creations. Pair our cupcake wrappers with products from our cake decorating range to create unique and personal cupcake presents.

Add cupcake wrappers and packaging from our range of cake boxes and cake trays to create professional looking products, in either the commercial kitchen or home. With our range of cup cake wrappers the ordinary becomes the amazing, and our cupcake wrappers are a fantastic way to make ordinary baking brilliant for show stopping party treats and cake stalls. Centaur Packaging constantly has new cake decoration and cupcake wrapping products arriving, check out our range today.

Viewing Cupcake Papers & Wrappers
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