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Eco Tiny Gift Box

95mm(wide) x 90mm(deep) x 40mm(high)

Natural Kraft

Jewellery Gift Box-Small

79mm(wide) x 54mm(deep) x 25mm(high)

Natural Kraft

Jewellery Gift Box-Medium Square

89mm(wide) x 89mm(deep) x 25mm(high)

Natural Kraft

Jewellery Gift Box-Rectangle

135mm(wide) x 95mm(deep) x 25mm(high)

Natural Kraft

Jewellery Gift Box-Large

178mm(wide) x 140mm(deep) x 25mm(high)

Natural Kraft

Mini Gift Box

102mm(wide) x 102mm(deep) x 76mm(high)

Multiple Colours

Small Gift Box

152mm(wide) x 152mm(deep) x 102mm(high)

Multiple Colours

Medium Gift Box

203mm(wide) x 203mm(deep) x 152mm(high)

Multiple Colours

Large Gift Box

305mm(wide) x 305mm(deep) x 127mm(high)

Multiple Colours

Rectangle Gift Box

305mm(wide) x 152mm(deep) x 152mm(high)

Natural Kraft or White

Super Large Gift Box

356mm(wide) x 356mm(deep) x 178mm(high)

Multiple Colours

Small Gift Box with Lid

130mm(wide) x 130mm(deep) x 120mm(high)

Multiple Colours

Large Gift Box with Lid

220mm(wide) x 220mm(deep) x 140mm(high)

Multiple Colours

Corrugated Gift Box with Handle

165mm(wide) x 160mm(deep) x 250mm(high)

Natural Kraft or Black

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