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Take Away Boxes - centaur packaging

Take Away Boxes

Take Away Boxes

Takeaway containers are ideal for usage in cafés and restaurants when serving clients who wish to take their meals home. Made from sugar cane or cardboard they are perfect to transport food to another location.


What is the best container for take away food?

Due to their durability, foil or plastic takeout containers have long been the preferred option. However, with the rise of premium quality biodegradable food containers, there is now also a strong and dependable eco-friendly alternative.

Do you have an alternative to a plastic take away container?

Yes we have cardboard, sugarcane,100% biodegradable and compostable take away boxes.

I offer different sized take away meals at my restaurant, do you offer multiple sizes of take away boxes?

Yes Centaur Packaging stock multiple sizes of take away containers.

Can I use your take away containers for thing other than food?

Yes our take away boxes are also great for gift packaging, storing craft supplies or organisation.