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Specialty Perfume Mister - centaur packaging

Specialty Perfume Mister

Specialty Perfume Mister

Centaur Packaging, is your premier destination for essential oil perfume bottles in Australia, and stands as a leading authority in the industry.
Centaur Packaging is a cherished family-owned enterprise, we boast an unrivalled wealth of expertise and Knowledge in packaging.

Our mission is to deliver exquisite glass bottles to both Australia and New Zealand, all at wholesale prices, ensuring you have access the finest in aromatic indulgence.

After Pay and bulk wholesales orders are accepted.


Do I need to trim the tube on my mister?

Yes we recommend you trim the tube so it is just sitting on the bottom of the bottle.

Am I able to take these perfume bottles with me on the go.

Yes they are the perfect to take in your handbag or pocket.

What can I put in these perfume bottles?

They are perfect for home made perfumes or essential oil blends.

Are these perfume bottles refillable?

Yes you can refill these bottles.