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Pine Wood Oval Boat Small-Pack of 50
115mm at the Top x 65mm at the Top
Pine Wood Oval Boat Extra Small-Pack of 50
90mm at the Top x 55mm at the Top x 2mm
Catering Disposables - centaur packaging

Catering Disposables

Catering Disposables

Our Catering Disposables are designed for commercial use. Cafes, Food vans, Markets and other vendors use these products on a daily basis to sell there food. Our Extensive range of disposable catering items are always purchased with the Environment in mind. Using Environmental alternatives in packaging are always priority.  Centaur Prides its self on choosing good environmental solutions in packaging. We partner with Supply chains in Australia to bring you affordable solutions that wont cost the earth.


What is a disposable?

A disposable is a product that really only is used once and then disposed of that's why we make it our mission to find great environmental choices so it goes back to mother nature and breaks down.

What should I use if I want a plate that is Compostable?

All of our compostable products are made from natural renewable materials such as sugarcane, wood, paper, areca palm, bamboo and corn-starch

Where can I buy environmentally friendly party Supplies?

Centaur Packaging has a great range of environmentally friendly solutions for Parties, Gatherings, Weddings and events. We make these events easy to kind to the environment.

Does Kmart sell eco-friendly plates?

Don't be fooled by Greenwashing! some company's claim to have environmental solutions, However knowing the different types of materials will always have you make a good eco choice. Plastics are now banned in Cutlery in NSW however some retailers still sell them as Reusable this is commonly know as Greenwashing there is nothing good about Plastic Cutlery!