Colloid Silver hand sanitiser- 60ml


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Colloid Silver Hand Sanitiser-60ml- 30PPM Grade

Being alcohol free means it is gentle on skin and creates a barrier of nano silver particles which protect the skin from harmful bacteria long after use. Compared with Alcohol based sanitizers which kill germs on contact but are ineffective once alcohol has dried and evaporated. Micro Particals of silver remain on skin killing Mircobes with the residual silver. This High grade Colloidal Silver is manufactured here in Australia.

With anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, this is the perfect travel-sized hand sanitiser. This all natural, hypoallergenic sanitiser maintains your skin's natural oils, leaving your hands soft and clean. 

Another benefit of this product is that it leaves a residual silver film on your skin to protect against bacteria for hours after use.Antibacterial – Once a surface (benchtop, skin, surgical equipment, etc) has had silver colloid applied, the surface will dry. The residual silver that remains on the surface will continue to protect it from the growth of bacteria.

Use it while you're on the go, or keep it at home for a healthy, bacteria-free household.

  • Anti-Viral
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Anti- Bacterial
  • Australian Made
  • Hypoallergenic
  • All Natural
  • Medical Grade silver

Silver Colloid types:

(Colloid means particles dispersed or suspended in another substance)

*Ionic Silver Colloid – This can be made at home with a method of electrolysis and produces ionic silver. This is not an actual colloid and has little benefit to use against bacteria internally. Ionic Silver is a clear liquid. The concentration of silver salts in Ionic Silver can be difficult to test. Overexposure to silver salts can cause Argyria, a blue colouring of the skin, although highly unlikely in retail products.

*True Silver Colloid – which is the type manufactured by Silver Health, is made from nanosilver particles. True Silver Colloid is a yellow clear liquid and CANNOT cause Argyria

Silver Colloid can be used as a multipurpose antibacterial and anti-fungal. Used topically it can aid in the healing of cuts, psoriasis, burns, dermatitis, acne, tinea, conjunctivitis, cellulitis & abrasions. Silver Colloid can also be used to fight gastro, food poisoning, UTI’s, bladder infections, chest infections & gingivitis. 

For additional reading on Colloid Silver and its increadable benifits please see some links below



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Product Purpose Health and Wellbeing Material Liquid

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