Bopp Polypropylene Bags

BOPP, or Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene, Bags

BOPP bags have an air and moisture barrier which keeps food fresher longer than cellophane bags.

Centaur Packaging BOPP bags BPA-free making them ideal for packaging items such as:

  • coffee
  • biscuits
  • confectionary
  • spices
  • dried foods
  • ect.

BOPP bags are thicker and have an elagant tactile feel than the Cellophane Bags! BOPP bags are heat sealable resulting in a very high seal strength. BOPP is a popular product for:

  • gift bags
  • wedding decorations
  • for food packaging of tea
  • nuts cookies.

Bopp has excellent water vapour barrier qualities and is very clear. It is also puncture and impact resistance. It is truly a cello bags with a professional look perfect for your treats.

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Centaur Packaging carry the following sizes in stock. Centaur Packaging can supply your custom size and/or printing requirements.

Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene Bag Size Chart
BP102 120mm(high) x 90mm(wide) + 50um Natural 1000
BP103 140mm(high) x 125mm(wide) + 50um Natural 1000
BP104 210mm(high) x 130mm(wide) + 50um Natural 1000
BP106 205mm(high) x 150mm(wide) + 50um Natural 1000
BP108 240mm(high) x 140mm(wide) + 50um Natural 1000
BP110 270mm(high) x 150mm(wide) + 50um Natural 1000
BP112 315mm(high) x 220mm(wide) + 50um Natural 1000
BP114 360mm(high) x 180mm(wide) + 50um Natural 1000


Need BOPP bags in a different size not available in stock? Get custom made to order sizes. Minimum order of 5000 bags required.

Special Order BOPP Bag Size Chart (minimum order of 10000/ea for each item)
BP2030/02 180mm(high) x 90mm(wide) + 50um Natural 10000 minimum
BP2030/03 160mm(high) x 100mm(wide) + 50um Natural 10000 minimum
BP2030/04 180mm(high) x 110mm(wide) + 50um Natural 10000 minimum
BP2030/05 200mm(high) x 180mm(wide) + 50um Natural 10000 minimum
BP2030/06 160mm(high) x 90mm(wide) + 50um Natural 10000 minimum
BP2030/07 180mm(high) x 105mm(wide) + 50um Natural 10000 minimum
BP2030/08 235mm(high) x 90mm(wide) + 50um Natural 10000 minimum

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