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Cellophane Bags, Bopp Bags, Resealable Bags and Self Seal Bags

There are four main types of bags that you may find in the market place and be unsure of the differences. So we have designed this quick guide to help you with this.

1. Cellophane Bags

Cellophane or polypropylene bags are Natural in colour. Suitable for foods such as fudge, cookies, chocolates or craft projects. Tie up with a bow or for that professional look seal with a heat sealing machine.

Cellophane Bags are available for purchase in sleeves of 100 or boxes of 1000. We also offer Wholesale pricing on bulk purchases, so please contact us if you think you would be purchasing in bulk.

Clear Cello bags as often referred to are of food grade quality.

Select from a wide variety of sizes of bags and the cello bags are of high quality Plastic, Cellulose or Cellophane Clear Plastic Cello Bags are made from eco friendly food grade plastic, cellulose or cellophane is available in a convenient size for you.

Cello Bags come in sizes to suit a wide range of occasions. Cellophane Bags for Bonbonniere, Cello Bags for Party Favours, Cello Bags for Pot Pori, Cellophane Bags for Wedding Cake, treat bags, Cello Bags for Christening Cake, Great for cookies, Cello Bags for Christmas Pudding, Cellophane Bags for Chocolates and Cello Bags for Confectionary packaging and gift packaging needs. If you require a custom size or logo printing, please ask us for a quote. Centaur Packaging provides these bags Australia Wide.

Our Clear Cellophane bags are one of the most popular gift bags for retail. Packaging Supplies of cellophane bags are offered at wholesale prices. If you have any questions about - What is cellophane? Please visit our information section or phone us to personally discuss your requirements. Cellophane Bags are perfect for the Australian market; they are environmentally friendly and are perfect for food packaging.

2. BOPP Bags or BOPP or Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene Bag.

BOPP Bags have an air and moisture barrier which keeps food fresher longer. BOPP bags are ideal for packaging items such as coffee, biscuits confectionary, spices, dried foods and Nuts etc.

If you want a Gourmet thicker bag than a Cellophane Bag then this is the one! It is clearer to look at than a cellophane bag so you can see your product clearer. It is Heat sealable with very high seal strength. Bopp is a product that is popular for gift bags, wedding decorations, for food packaging of tea, nuts cookies.

A Bopp bag has excellent water vapour barrier qualities and is very clear. It is also puncture and impact resistance. Simply being thicker the air can’t pass through it keeping it fresher for longer. It is a cello bag with a professional look perfect for your treats.

3. Resealable bags

Resealable bag, zip seal bag, zip lock bag, click seal bags, presseal bags and lunch bags, are all common names for the Resealable bag. These bags are clear with a seal at the top that simply by running your finger over closes the bag. Resealable bags are plain LDPE poly bags with a press seal closure. They are commonly used to display or store products. Resalable bags are used in packaging of teas, weeds, seeds, hooks and sinkers also Scrapbooking or Crafts to make up kits or store papers or used to packaging bulk purchases into small quantities for sale.

Resealable bags come in different thickness standard thickness is 35um, then 50um,75um and 100um and are measured in inches.

4. Self Seal Bags

Our Polypropylene Self Bags have a high clarity and protect products from dirt and moisture damage. These bags are acid-free, with no harmful plastics used in production. They are also PH neutral – so they will not discolour any products over time and chemically nonaggressive, making them more suitable for long-term archiving. For this reason they are popular with card makers and paper crafters theses bags are perfect if you want a bag with no rippling, dimpling and puckering. Self-adhesive strips have a plastic cover just like an envelope so you just peel back the release strip, fold and seal in one easy motion. These bags are available in a range of sizes the IMPORTANT thing to remember with these bags if you have the width right it doesn’t matter a great deal about the length as the seal with fold down and seal anywhere on the bag.

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