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Should you test your packaging?

Posted On Thu 6th Jun,2019

SHOULD you TEST your packaging?

Are you thinking of Making and selling your product? Have you been making DIY natural products at home? thinking of branching out to sell your Natural products?.

This information is for you!

You should test all packaging... for more than 24 hours. You are responsible for testing the packaging you purchase. Although we test our containers with water, and use a lot of our products ourselves, you are responsible for testing the packaging with your product.

This is important as we do not know nor understand the product that the packaging is intended for. Furthermore, we do not have the facilities to test the packaging with your product or Natural recipe.

WHAT TYPES OF TESTING SHOULD BE DONE? All packaging must be subjected to the conditions that you intend the finished product to endure. In particular, please subject the packaging to the following conditions when fully filled.

  1. Test the packaging for leakage - All packaging could potentially leak, the best way to check is to make your mixture and let it sit.  Gases are often given off from mixtures and can alter the closure. For example if you are mixing Castile soap and Citric Essential oils it is not uncommon for the Gases to unscrew lids or Triggers. We have found that the mixture has to let sit and rest for at least 24hrs on the bench before applying the trigger.

  1. Note that some products and/or their ingredients attack the plastic components of the packaging, and this might reduce the sealing capacity if the packaging over a period of time.

  1. We Use plastic PET bottles and containers for Essential oils and cleaning at home because sometimes glass is just to dangerous on the tiles with Children. We suggest that every 6mths -12mths or so you check the stability of the containers, saying that we have never had a problem in our household but if you are using Essential oils such as Citric blends it is a good habit to get into. Remember PET is a fully recyclable material so into the Yellow bin.

  1. Volumetric Requirements can range because of the different requirements and product that is used.Customers will often overfill or underfill so we encourage you to check the capacity of your containers. Our volumes are only a guide.

  1. Chemical reactions between the packaging and contents. All packaging must be tested against chemical reactions. Different chemical compounds with varying concentration will have varying effects on the packaging. There is no substitute to testing the packaging against your intended use over time as some concentrations of common chemicals  can attack common plastic used in our packaging. Discoloration of product, rust and distortion of packaging is not uncommon.

  1. Activating your Roller for Essential oil bottles. Sometimes the metal roller for your essential oil bottles may feel stiff when first in use or may feel like it isn't omitting much oil. If this is the case it is a simple process of taking the roller part and with a paperclip or such item push out the metal ball from the back. Then simply place back in and rub till it moves freely.

  1. Dispensing closures and Lids Common failures.

Misters- Oil based ingredients such as thick carrier oils do not usually work well with mist sprays unless highly diluted with water or other items such as Witch hazel. At times this might not be evident until several weeks have passed. The failure can be manifested by leaking, failure to mist with the spray and dispensing without depressing the actuator.  Whilst some of these issues can be overcome Liquids with particles (solids) do not mist spray well. High viscosity oils should be used in a pump rather than a mister.

Lotion pumps- are pretty straight forward but releasing the pump before submerging in liquid is much easier. Often they can be hard to release but by placing your thumb up into the top between the thread and the clear plastic piece and holding it firmly so that it stops the top from spinning, then twist the pump to release it.

Spray triggers-  It is important that with most spray triggers, misters and pumps that the wick or tube is trimmed to size. The tube if not trimmed to sit above the bottom of the bottle it will cause it to push up and not close properly.

Spray triggers need to be screwed down completely over the thread of the bottle failure to do so will cause the bottle to leak and not work to its full potential.

At Centaur we are always open to explaining the best way to test your product so if you have a question please drop us a line.


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