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Ceramic Pump Bottles

Posted On Wed 14th Apr,2021

Ceramic Pump Bottles for hand soap or carrier oils storage

Before trying for a baby, I honestly didn’t think too much about the products I was using such as hand wash & laundry soap ect.

I have always tried to use good quality skin care ect which I now know wasn’t actually good for me, but know better do better, right ??

One of the things I didn’t think about was hand soap & how many nasties lurk in each pump of soap.

So glad that we jumped on the low tox train before we got pregnant because not only do I now know what we & our hand washing obsessed little girl are using in our home, is supporting our wellness and not upsetting our hormones & endocrine systems, skin & immunity.

We get to use beautiful bottles, like the amazing refillable ceramic pump bottles from Centaur Packaging 

Pump bottles often get used for liquid hand soaps, but they are so much more!  This stone finish bottle can be used for Carrier oils such as fractionated Coconut oil, Sweet almond or even your daily dressing.

Fill with your carrier oil and your essential oils ready for you go to blend.


We have a quality range of packaging products for retail use.