Muffin Papers


There's a huge selection of muffin papers to meet your needs.

Centaur Packaging has a massive range of muffin papers, whatever muffin you wish to make, we have the papers to make it easy.

Muffin Papers, also known as muffin cases, help hold the shape of your muffins while cooking in bakeware, and once cooked muffin papers allow easy removal from the tray. Use muffin papers whenever you want perfect muffin results, without messy trays to clean up and best of all, muffin papers make neat packaging and are handy helpers when it comes time to eat your creations.

Muffins can be decorated and styled much the same as cakes, and creating delicious custom muffins is a great fun activity for the family, and a delightful dish to make for weddings, childrens parties, high teas and cake stalls. Our muffin papers are available in a range of designer colours and sizes, complemented by our fantastic range of sugar art and cake topper decorations. Bake your muffin masterpiece using our muffin cases and finish with cake trays and boxes from our extensive range for perfect packaging arrangements.

Viewing Muffin Papers
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