Bake In Containers


Bake in containers for all your baking needs- cakes, cupcakes etc

Baking cups or molds are the perfect way to dress your cupcakes, tarts, slices or single serve cakes without needing pans or silicone molds.

Centaur Packaging has a range of bake in moulds and containers made from greaseproof paper and bamboo. Simply pour in your cake batter, bake and serve.

Elegantly designed to give your cupcakes style and also designed to make baking your cupcakes easy.

Forget the traditional baking equipment because this range of cupcake cups, moulds, bake in containers and cupcake liners are the perfect solution to your baking needs and are suitable for experienced bakers through to home cooks.

Our range of cupcake baking cups are ideal for Birthday cakes, Valentines Day cupcakes, Easter, Baby Showers sweets, Wedding cakes and Christmas treats.
We have standard size baking cups and also mini baking cups.

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